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FEBC continue to bring the Gospel to Russia – using various media outlets. PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 17 August 2009




Sergey from Petrozavodsk once wrote to us: “I live in the northern region of Russia.  One day, as I was on the train returning home from Moscow, a man started a conversation with me.  We talked about God. I felt that he had something I never had, a sense of a greater purpose in life.  Before he exited the train at his station, he recommended I listen to FEBC radio.  That’s how I became your listener.  I listened for maybe a y ear before I accepted Christ.  God completely transformed my life.  I am now member of great church, and we are changing our city for Christ.”


An accident?  Or a divine appointment? Definitely it is the latter.  We hear these kinds of stories often in the FEBC experience, yet they never fail to excite our hearts.  They remind us that God is faithful in redeeming people back to himself.  In HIS mercy and grace and love, God uses various ministries such as FEBC to bring light and life to the lost and needy of our world.


After the fall of communism in 1992, FEBC has established a presence inside Russia.   Before that FEBC was broadcasting from outside Russia using our Shortwave transmitting facilities.  Now,   FEBC has radio stations in Moscow - AM 1134 and in St. Petersburg - AM 1089.  Aside from that there is AM 1188 in Khabarovsk as well as FM 89.1 in Ussuriysk.  SW broadcasts continue from a 100 kilowatt transmitter on Saipan island.   And finally, we also cover the entire former Soviet Union with freely accessible satellite broadcasting on Yamal 201. 


It is a joy indeed to see what God has done and is doing in this spiritually needy nation.  Russia remains to be a progressive, powerful and wealthy nation.  But just like many wealthy nations, it is saddled with a lot of social ills, vices, criminality, materialism, AIDS, breakdown of the family as well as false religion.  Remember to pray for the Russian people and for ministries like FEBC as we continue to bring the Good News of long lasting transformation of life through Jesus Christ – the Way, the Truth and the Life.


Alexandra from Chernovtsy region, Uktraine, once wrote: “It is difficult to preach the gospel.  I do not have much education, and for the most part I am trying to preach by living Christ-like. Often people talk to me, confiding in me, and I listen and pray for them.  And when they ask questions, I tell them to listen to FEBC.  Many do.  I know that doezens of people in our village are your listeners.  You are changing hearts, friends, and I am grateful to God for you.”



For more information regarding the Russian ministry of FEBC, go to:

http://www.febc.org.ru /   *(for English)
http://www.radioteos.ru /  *(for Russian)


Last Updated ( Monday, 12 October 2009 )
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