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Monday, 12 October 2009

ImageMinistry partners are indeed a blessing.  FEBC Philippines took the opportunity to return the blessing to some of its partners in the radio work.  Taking advantage of the traditional caroling during the Christmas season, several teams from among full-time staff members went around Metro Manila to be with friends.

Quoting Dan Cura, President of FEBC Philippines: “Beating the Friday traffic and weaving through the Christmas rush, we visited these friends to express our appreciation and acknowledge their partnership with us in this work. We sang a few  carols, prayed with them and presented a small token, and simply fellowshipped (spent time) with them even just for a short moment. This is a very simple gesture, considering how much they have sacrificed in order to support the FEBC radio ministry. We deliberately did not give prior notice to those we would be visiting so as not to oblige them to prepare something for us.”

Mr. Cura adds, “It was indeed an enriching experience for all of us, to say the least. We saw our partners in their daily routine – a mother busy doing her laundry, a tailor in his shop, elderly citizens battling various kinds of diseases, a jobless husband. Different situations, varied status in life… and yet, in all of these, they have remained excited to help carry out the Lord’s work in whatever way they can.  More than anything else, the experience humbled us, making us more aware of our responsibility to be good stewards of the resources the Lord gives us. God has sent people to be our partners in doing His work. We need to do our best to enhance such partners.”

 Sounded like a real rewarding and enjoyable experience for the FEBC family in the Philippines.






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