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FEBC Mongolia Initiates a ‘’Bridge’’ for Communities… PDF Print E-mail
Written by Batjargal Tuvshintsengel   
Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Mongolia is facing deeper socio-economic challenges with over 40 percent unemployment rate and about 35 percent of the population living under the poverty line. Drastic urbanization has driven Ulaanbaatar’s population to increase by over 50 per cent in the last decade. With a history of “communist” mentality, people still depend on what the Government provides.   Most have yet to learn the value of earning a living let alone giving to others.   It is within this context along with other national issues that FEBC-Mongolia strives to be intentionally relevant in its outreach that goes beyond mere radio programming.   

Last Christmas, FEBC Mongolia initiated a special challenge to its audience based on Proverbs 11:25 that says, “The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters will himself be watered.” Amazingly, the listeners responded by bringing in clothes, toys, utensils.  One lady even offered to give several electrical appliances for a poor family. Most of the donors were unbelievers but they grasped the value in giving. Volunteers and church friends joined in distributing clothes to the women and children in the Women’s Correctional facilities and the Central Orphanage. Listeners as well as members of the “Mongolian Men for Development” NGO spent half day playing with and reading to 80 kids at the orphanage while a group of High School students each wrote a letter of encouragement to the inmates.  Truly, the “poor widow’s two mites” principle does accomplish much.  

A shoot blossoms from FEBC Mongolia

Men in Mongolia virtually stand on the edge of a cliff, living with a high rate of alcoholism and gambling that cause most family and marriage break-ups.  Over the years since it started, WIND-FM has been challenging men to stand up to their responsibilities as husbands and fathers.  We have done several campaigns on the streets (March for Men) and on the air with the programs Father's Embrace and Man Weeps, Too to promote the role of men in society.  

Recently, we have been seeing more significant results.  A secular group of men has been meeting regularly at the station and has now evolved into a Non-Governmental Organization called “Mongolian Men for Progress,” taking our mandate further and wider into the society.  In 2005, out of this same initiative a Christian men’s club was also formed.  They envision themselves to have a role in influencing the future of Mongolia through politics.  

May these new shoots thrive and blossom abundantly!

Program and Community Outreach Efforts

With our new facilities, we invite listeners to come to the radio station for various trainings and inspirational fellowships. This past three months, we witnessed the drawing power of the Holy Spirit. Many listeners responded and have been coming to the meetings. Here are two highlights:

 “Remaining Fruit”: This radio program aims to build capacity in Community women by teaching them various life skills such as sewing, cooking, felt artifact manufacturing, farming, etc. both on and off the air. Participants average about 60 women with whom we are building friendship as we begin to respond to some of their social and spiritual needs.

“Lifesaver”: Fifty listeners attended the first worship meeting of this Gospel outreach radio program.  The fellowship is now a regular gathering for those who are interested in Jesus or have confessed faith in Christ. The participants go through three stages of growth training – Good News, Freedom in Christ, and Growth in God – before being introduced to attend local churches.  They maintain their growth group at the station even after joining a local church.


(NOTE:  Batjargal is Director of FEBC-Mongolia.  Pray for him as he leads the young team of WIND-FM in making the Gospel relevant to their fellow Mongolians.)


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